Krav Maga your way out, like a Boss!

Remember watching the scene from ‘The Expendables’ movie where Jason Statham does some serious ass kicking on the Basketball court?Or let’s bring it home with the absolute delirium you experienced watching the Bong beauty Rani Mukherjee kick some butts on-screen in Mardaani…..More

Krav Maga a battle tested hand to hand combat system

Krav Maga is a battle-tested reflex-based hand-to-hand combat system which trains you to neutralize any threat that you may face at close quarters on the street. It is simple, fluid, and very effective, and for this reason it is equally popular with men and women…..More


Oye Baby

Travelling with the city is a troublesome experience for most women. And not just because of…More

Take a class

Being prepared and trained is the best way to prevent, avoid and deal with any sort of issue you may be faced with. Take a look at two…More

Israeli self defence

With growing number rapes and other acts of violence in Mumbai, a number of citizens are enrolling themselves for various courses in self-defence. One of the techniques gaining popularity is the Israeli self-defence system known as Krav Maga….More